Chapter 3 Reading Response

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Chapter 3 Reading Response

Post  mgreteman on Mon Feb 04, 2013 12:29 am

Rhetorical situation is the context of an event that coves the issue as well as the audience. This means that it is basically a summary of anything that has happened in your life. For example, simple communication with other people is a rhetorical situation. Rhetoric involves the writer, reader, text and medium. Rhetorical situations can be through email, text message, written letter, etc. Rhetorical analysis breaks works into parts and explains how they work as a whole. This can be an analysis of virtually anything, from an advertisement to a cartoon to a speech.

There are three categories that Aristotle classified writing into: ethos, logos, and pathos. Ethos refers to the speaker's credibility, logos is the logic used to support a claim, and pathos is the emotional or motivational appeals. When I write, I mostly appeal to pathos and logos. I think that when I am able to inclue emotional details or information in my writing, I always take that chance. Pathos can also inclue vivid/emotional language and sensory details. I find that being able to use these make it easier to write more creatively. I also enjoy appealing to logos when I write, because it is somewhat easier to include facts/statistics in order to support whatever I am arguing.


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