Assignment 1 Chapter 3 Response- Scheidt

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Assignment 1 Chapter 3 Response- Scheidt

Post  maddiesch on Sun Feb 03, 2013 9:28 pm

A rhetorical situation is the environment and information that a writer has been given when they are writing. Before anyone begins to write, they must have some information, a basis on what they are writing, a median, and a reason for writing. Most people don't realize that they are in a rhetorical situation because the meaning is so basic. On the other hand, a rhetorical analysis is when they writer is using all of the data and their basic knowledge to break them down into a well-written work. The writer analyzes the information and the importance of the environment whether it's an article for the newspaper or a text message to your best friend.

Lately, my well-written works have been ethos and pathos, but I use logos in my daily life too. There are many medians that can be used to get across an idea, whether it's a sentimental hand-written letter, an well-thought-out argumentation essay, or a simple text message. I mostly use my phone to express my thoughts and ideas. I normally text message my friends and family to keep in touch or tweet my thoughts, ideas, and actions on twitter. When using my phone, I mostly express my thoughts though pathos combined with ethos. I personalize my conversations to my relationships and emotions towards my family and friends. When writing papers for class, I use logos to bring information and ideas across in my works.


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