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Assignment1 Sanders,Elisia

Post  ElisiaSan on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:47 pm

If I were to tell a friend about a rhetorical situation and rhetorical analysis, I would first explain when rhetoric is. Rhetoric is basically the study of communication and how it is used effectively. As stated in the reading, "Rhetoric involves the four main elements: writer, reader, text, and medium." To understand the meaning of rhetorical situation and analysis you must completely understand rhetoric.
Rhetorical situation is something this you don’t notice u do. You just, in life do it every day. This can be defined as the way you decide to communicate with others. This decision is based off of your personal situation; where you are, who you are with, if you have the time, and the relation you have with the person you are thinking of communicating with. In contrast, Rhetorical analysis is studying the way a writer uses their words to appeal to an audience. There are three main types of rhetorical analysis, Ethos, pathos, and logos. Ethos is appealing to someone’s ethics; Pathos is appealing to one’s emotions and beliefs, while logos is appealing to ones logic. When I write I tend to use more Pathos. It is easier for me to write about thing that I believe in and help or influence others by playing on their emotions. A lot of car commercials are great examples for this.


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