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Post  James k on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:27 pm

If I had to explain rhetorical situation and analysis to a friend I would simply say that rhetorical analysis is the relationship between the writer, reader, and the text itself. It's a way to analyze the relationship between the three. For instance, the style the writer chooses to deliver his/her message. It could be written in a blog, tweet, post, text message, email, IM, etc. If its a friend talking to a friend, the form of communication would most likely be a text message with "text lingo" - what u up 2? If the writer is talking to his/her college professor, the text will be a little more professional and thought out.

I would say that when I'm making a post on a social networking site my posts are a mix between the three, if I'm talking to a friend about relationships is would use more of a pathos writing style. If I am taking place in a debate, i might use more ethos and logos in my writing style. It depends on the situation.

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