Ch. 3 Reading Response

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Ch. 3 Reading Response

Post  keenanada on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:27 pm

A rhetorical situation can be classified as any situation in which you are writing. A rhetoric includes a writer, reader, text, and medium. If I was to describe a rhetorical situation to a friend, I would give the example of writing a persuasive paper in English class. In this example, the writer would be any person writing the paper. The reader would be the audience the paper is geared toward. The text is the format in which the paper is written, and the medium is what is used to present the paper. For example, the font and text size of the essay. A rhetorical analysis is analyzing a situation and the components of it. Then, deciphering the best ways to present it.

When writing online I believe that I appeal most to ethos. Ethos is based on ethical appeal. When I post on social networking sites, Twitter for example, I speak on topics that followers know I am at least somewhat knowledgeable of. Also, I believe most of my followers respect my opinion. Therefore, I attempt to post about unbiased, interesting topics that keep readers interested.


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