Kathryn Adams Reading Response

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Kathryn Adams Reading Response

Post  kathrynad on Fri Feb 01, 2013 1:15 pm

If I had to explain rhetorical situation and rhetorical analysis to a friend I would explain that they are elements that every writer must work with when composing a text. Once examining all the elements involved in a rhetorical situation it will be easier to compose something because the writer has to take many things into consideration before writing. Things to take into consideration would be who one is writing to and what they are writing about. If the tone of the message is serious or sad it could change the way the one is writing drastically. Rhetorical analysis on the other hand explores the writers goals of the text and breaks it down to take a deeper look into the writing. During rhetorical analysis, one is analyzing how the writer makes an argument.

When I write online I think I appeal most to Ethos. Ethos is based mostly on credibility and I think I abide by that because whenever I write about something I always look up my topic and make sure I have all the facts straight. I will also always try to make myself sound unbiased when I am writing to show the readers that I am not choosing a side in the argument while writing the paper, and I’m just showing the facts and what is right.


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