Chapter Three Reading Response

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Chapter Three Reading Response

Post  kirstenpollmann on Fri Feb 01, 2013 11:58 am

If someone were to ask me what a rhetorical situation I would say is the basis for every form of writing out there. People have their own character and writing flow which opens up the whole world of opportunities of how to express themselves. People might choose to start their own blog, write a novel, write an essay or be a journalist for a magazine or newspaper! The way people start off their writing is through almost a rhetoric process which involves four key elements: writer, reader, text and medium. Then you would use the four key elements to help outline your rhetorical situation. During the writer stage you might ask yourself: Why am I writing about and what will I accomplish by publishing it? The reader is basically your audience and when you start writing you must write to catch the attention of that audience. The text step is making sure your published work flows and has correct grammar. Then the final stage is medium and that is where you decide whether to write it as a blog or an essay however you will best catch the attention of your audience!
There are three main types of rhetoric which include logos, pathos and ethos. These three main types originate from the philosopher Aristotle. Logos is the appeal to reason, Pathos is the appeal to emotion, values and beliefs, and ethos is the appeal to the credibility or the speaker or writer. I most likely appeal to pathos because of the emotion. I have a blog of my own and I like to try and put myself into my postings whether it is just a picture or I am writing. I believe it is very appealing when someone puts their soul into what they are writing because just by reading that post you can tell a little more about them! Plus when I write I like to express my emotion too!


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