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Nathan Freeman
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January 31, 2013
Reading Response
The Webster Dictionary defines rhetoric as the “art of speaking or writing effectively.” Rhetoric branches off into three main forms: pathos, ethos, and logos. Pathos can be described an emotional or motivational language that is used to help support an argument. It is meant to affect the audience’s emotional response and persuades by focusing on the reader’s emotions. Ethos language is given to focus on the audience’s sense of emotions and interest. It convinces the reader by the character of the author. Logos can be described as using logic to support a claim and uses facts and statistics to help support an argument. It persuades with reason. I believe, that when I write online, I appeal to logos. I am a true believer in supporting claims and statements with facts and statistics that I can use to support my argument and hopefully persuade the reader to agree with me. Each of these rhetoric terms can be used to write effectively, however I believe logos allows me to write more effectively.
When you are in a rhetorical situation, you must first analyze. A rhetorical analysis is an understanding of the situation and knowing how to analyze your rhetorical situation. Once you have understood this you can begin to ask yourself questions, such as: “why am I writing? What will my writing accomplish? Who is my intended audience?” Asking questions like these can be described as a rhetorical situation. When you ask yourself questions you are responding to the wants and needs of those listening and will lead to you understanding your situation more. Understanding your situation in the best way possible will improve your writing and satisfy your readers.


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