Response for Chapter 3 post

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Response for Chapter 3 post

Post  AdisaNasufovic on Thu Jan 31, 2013 10:43 pm

If I had to explain rhetorical analysis and rhetorical situation to a friend I would tell him/her the actual definition and then use a real life example to make them understand it a little better. I would explain rhetorical analysis as breaking up an essay or a piece of information into parts and then taking those certain parts to figure out how it was able to persuade, entertain, or inform. Next I would explain rhetorical situation as a rhetorical event that involves an issue, an audience and a set of feelings.

When I write online I think that I mostly appeal to pathos. When I update a status or tweet on a social network, most readers are connected through emotions. But also sometimes I use logos as well. I love to always do the right thing. In order to spread my personal message of doing the right thing more often, I give enough reasoning where someone would actually be persuaded. I think everyone uses pathos, ethos, and logos equally because there are many situations that take place in everyone's lives and none of those situations are alike where a person would only use one whether its pathos, ethos, or logos.


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