Assignment 16- final project

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Assignment 16- final project

Post  Salah Alrefai on Wed Dec 05, 2012 2:07 pm

Final project that I intend to do is through prezi, which will be prezi about the subject that I wrote about in my first paper. The subject is if there a purpose for the universe ?
The subject is a question that have many answers as my first paper I answered it by define it in religion and science terms.

My plan for the prezi that I will do it by two main areas, which is my point of view and people point of view. I am intend to interview a number of my friends and let them answer the question either by video , voice or writing and answer it by there point of view. In the end of the prezi , I will but one answer that comes from the majority of the people blend with my response on the matter.
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