finally, our last one!

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finally, our last one!

Post  Han Han on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:30 pm

The topic of my digital presentation will be based on my last philosophy paper. I plan to use prezi to make this presentation and it will be much like a lecture. In the beginning of the prezi show, I’d like to introduce some cases first and let it raise up the questions about morality principle. Then there will be some theories and philosophers come after this. To analysis different arguments, I will post their own perspective and reason why they think so. Then I hope the audiences can have their own answer after watching this presentation.

The resources I am going to use are videos , probably on Youtube , pictures and some articles. One thing I am not sure is there might be some comics on prezi, I am trying to show philosophy theories in a funny way. But I might change my mind while doing this presentation. I hope it will not be a boring one.

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