assignment #16

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assignment #16

Post  Ying Hu on Wed Dec 05, 2012 12:32 pm

I am interested in using Prezi to make my digital presentation, because it seemed very flexible. And I want to use my research paper as the model for the Prezi.

My research paper is about a historic question of Queen Elizabeth I. And my paper began with talking about the portraits of her, so I would like to show some portraits of her in the Prezi. I use a resource that discusses about the royal marriages and I tried to make this part clear when I did the paper because of complicated relations between the royal families. So it’s efficient to show my audience by using a family tree. This will help a lot to understand my analysis. And Elizabeth’s father is Henry VIII, who is very famous in history of England, not only because of his reformation but also for his six queens in the life. There are many TV plays and movies talking about his life. I am planning to find a part of video to show the two executions of his queens, one of them is for Elizabeth’s mother, Anne Boleyn. This video is for one of my reasons for the marriage question of Elizabeth. And for another biological problem, which is related with some rumors and scandals. I will show some pictures of the main roles in these events to attract the audience’s interesting and attention.

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