Assignment "the last one"

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Assignment "the last one"

Post  MichalRokita on Wed Dec 05, 2012 1:38 am

My digital presentation will be based on my last paper "Financial Fair Play". It will go over the changes that took and will take place in European football. The presentation will include pictures, interviews, videos and football expert's opinions about the new UEFA regulation. The beginning of the presentation will be a brief introduction about football and why "Financial Fair Play" was created. Through out the presentation all major points of the Financial Fair Play regulation are going to be explained and analyzed in depth. The presentation will also include multiple tables with statistics that will help visualize what has happened in European Football over the past decade.

Besides the articles I used to write my paper, I am going to use more information from UEFA's official website where everything is explained really well and in depth. The presentation will take about 6 minutes to go trough, not including the videos' length.

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