assignment #15

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assignment #15

Post  Ying Hu on Wed Nov 14, 2012 12:19 pm

1.How to start a greenhouse business?
O'Keeffe-Swank, Katie. Florida Grower95. 8 (Aug 2002): 45GHI.

"Pertinent expansion needs to consider for the master plan include:

* Size of the greenhouse area. Will you have enough space to expand?

* Water and electricity. Will your sources handle the increased capacity? Are you budgeting for increased usage?

* Packing house design. Is it big enough to handle the extra load?

* Increased drainage. How will you collect the drainage, and will you have to build a drainage canal? "

2. Why church could dominate medieval Europe?

Ostrowski, Marius, History Review, 09629610, Dec2006, Issue 56.
"The church's fate was inextricably bound with that of Europe throughout the medieval period, and even beyond. Its vital role in shaping the course and development of our history, as well as its day-to-day importance in the lives of Western Christians, is undeniable. With Christian power in the East finally ousted by Islam in 1453, the religious-military love affair that Western Europe had conducted with the Christian lands of the East lost focus and catalyst, bringing to an end one of the main political driving-forces of the Middle Ages."

3.Why ElizabethI didn't get married ?

Ed. Sonia G. Benson and Jennifer York Stock. Vol. 2: Biographies. Detroit: UXL, 2007.

"When Elizabeth I became queen of England in 1558, she inherited a weak and backward island that had been severely divided by three religious upheavals in two decades. Most of her subjects doubted the ability of a woman to lead the troubled country and anxiously waited for her to marry. But Elizabeth chose to play her role as the monarch of the realm alone."

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