Assignment#15 research citation

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Assignment#15 research citation

Post  Boyu Shen on Tue Nov 13, 2012 7:21 pm

1.How to promot conbustion engine efficiency?
"Automakers are improving fuel economy by exploiting a new controls approach that uses the waste heat from vehicle engines. Currently, up to 65% of the heat energy produced in internal combustion engines, whether gasoline or diesel, is wasted. Typically, the powertrain or engine dissipates the heat by convection, where it is carried to the cooling circuit or lost out of the tailpipe in exhaust gases.
A joint team from Chrysler and the Center for Automotive Research at The Ohio State University recently developed a practical approach to maximizing drivetrain efficiency and reducing fuel consumption and carbon dioxide emissions. Together, engineers in industry and research, along with students, determined how to capture and effectively distribute the useful heat energy to the transmission and engine oils from a controls standpoint, requiring additional hardware such as a transmission heat exchanger and associated plumbing, and new software. Higher temperature oil is less viscous, so less torque is required for operation and the transmission and engine can operate at higher mechanical efficiencies."

2.Does there exit alien?
"It is the famous Roswell UFO incident, and the least 50 years, it seems to be synonymous with the aliens. Today, humans have never given up finding the alien. Scientists have sent lots of spacecraft to explore others planets in our solar system and some spacecraft have gone beyond the solar system. Although the contact between human and the alien is actually confined to a small area around the earth, almost 1250 light-years, within which the alien can receive the signal of human and give the feedback. If the contact between aliens and humans has take place, the transmission of signals between the two sides will be take several centuries. But it is not impossible to get in touch with the alien in the future. Although some people never see the aliens, the aliens really exist in the universe because humans have found the solid water in the Milky Way Galaxy. What’s more some people took the photos of the UFO or the alien and the human race is the best evidence because in the Milky Way Galaxy about one million planets have the environment approximate the earth’s. And scientists also explaining how aliens were able to reach Earth, visible is might through the wormhole like Einstein’s idea"

3. Does GM food good to our health or not?
"However, some counter argument indicate, GM food also can be risks for human health. For their opinion, firstly, genetically modified foods could produce new toxic substances. There is a possibility that introduce a gene into a crop may create a new alleger or cause an allergic reaction. Like a gene from the Brazil nut was inserted into the DNA of a soybean plant to increase the nutritional value of the soybean. However, this particular gene in the GM soybean also produceds an allergen (a substance that causes allergic reactions in people). (4.Beyer P, 2009). Secondly, it may cause non-toxic crop production of toxic substances. Adoption of transgenic technology, scientists can change the metabolism of a plant. In this way, the plant protein can be increased, but it also leads to some dangerous. Changes in the metabolism of crops may change the nutritional value of protein. The past proteins that in small quantities produced in plants were safe, but now may be produced exceed toxic levels. And new proteins may be produced toxic that the plants were not produced before. (5.Herbert, nd). Thirdly, some studies have pointed out that genetically modified foods also could produce unknown effect on human health. When considering the manufacturing of GM food, human health can be seen as the biggest factor. Because when scientist manufacture of a new genetically modified foods they need to change the DNA of plants. Those are very easy to make to cause viruses get genetic mutation into a new viruses. (6.Beyer P, 2009) The potential for new diseases and viruses through the use of GM food is increasing, Faced with these new diseases and people are not aware of the risks. Because we do not know the extent of harm, it is very difficult to prevent and protect human"
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